General Information


Once you purchase an account it will be delivered to you via email. We strive to finish the delivery as soon as possible, however, we have to complete certain checks before giving you the account to make sure that you are receiving a safe account.

  • We have to make sure the payment you send us is secure and we also have to make sure the account you purchased is available and secure.
  • Depending on which payment method you chose it takes different time for us to secure your payment. If you use G2A PAY then it largely depends on them when we can deliver your account. If you chose Cryptocurrencies then as soon as we get enough network confirmations we will start the delivery process.
  • Right before delivery, we have to check availability and do a last minute check on the account to see if it is safe to give you. Around 98% of the time there are no issues. If we find that there is an issue with the account we will refund you right away or offer you a replacement account.

Once we are done with our security checks we will send you the account data right away.

In some cases, you will have to provide us with a clean e-mail address that hasn't been linked to another account of the same game you are purchasing so we can fully give ownership over to you!

Account Safety:

AccountRealm is a Premium account selling business. We strive to provide accounts of the highest quality. We feel that the safety of the accounts we sell is the most important factor and this is why our customers choose us. We developed a rigorous vetting process of the accounts. We already discussed what you can do on your end to make sure the account is safe in our Blog post.

However, we would like to explain why our gaming accounts are the safest on the market.

First, we make sure the account comes from a safe source. Preferably a seller with high feedback or status. After that, we make sure the seller understands that he is selling his Gaming Account to us for good. 

Also, before we put an account up for sale on AccountRealm we hold on to the account for a month to see if it is safe to sell. Any locks, bans or nasty stuff by the game developer would happen during this time.

This essentially means that there is no chance, once you take ownership, that the account will be taken away from you or that it will be locked or banned. You need to be careful though not to give away to their support that you bought the account, if you ever chose to contact them.

G2A PAY - 200+ Safe Payment Options

It is very important to us that you have complete faith that we will deliver the account and that your purchase is guaranteed. We realize that not everyone might feel comfortable sending money on some website and hoping for the best. Because of these reasons, we are in partnership with G2A PAY which is a payment processor specializing in gaming related electronic products and services.

You are making the payment to G2A PAY and not to AccountRealm (except Cryptocurrency payments). G2A PAY has 200+ payment options available to you ranging from PayPal to obscure local payment options.

After you made payment, G2A PAY will verify the funds and then we fully deliver the gaming account to you via e-mail. Also, keep in mind that G2A PAY has a strong anti-fraud department and any fraud attempt is processed and reported to the authorities by them.

We are confident that using G2A PAY increases trust in us and safety for our customers.

You can also pay via cryptocurrencies in which case we are able to provide a fairly big discount because you save us the G2A PAY transaction fees. Paying via Cryptocurrencies is also faster and more convenient. We can also provide custom payment options is you contact us before purchasing!


If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask us via our live chat or E-mail: SUPPORT@ACCOUNTREALM.COM